Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Route 66 News for February 2015-- Part 2: Kansas Route 66

FEBRUARY 12TH:  Webb City, Mo.  Residents donated money to preserved a 1920s gas station a block off Route 66.  Every gas station, motel and restaurant saved, especially old ones like this, is a good, good thing.

FEBRUARY 14TH:  Tower Motel in Santa Rosa, N.M. has been closed to overnight visitors.  It may reopen for long-term guests.  This is partly due to water leakage and a drop in guests.  Bad news for the motel.  This usually indicates the beginning of the end if not THE END.

FEBRUARY 17TH:  There are a series of photos of the intake water tower at the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge.  Just another reason it takes us close to 20-30 minutes whenever we cross the bridge during motor tours.

FEBRUARY 19TH:  Part of that massive stretch of Route 66 in Kansas has been nominated for the National Register of Historic Places.  This would be 2.1 miles of road north of Baxter Springs.  And, you'd think I could drive through Kansas on Route 66 without getting lost.


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