Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Trip Back to Our Past-- Part 2: Restaurants

We continued on past Arlington Racetrack and the first McDonald's I ever ate at across from it.  Back then you either ate in your car or on benches around the store.  Burgers were just 15 cents.

Them, we entered Palatine.  I always regard Palatine as my hometown as I spent more time living here while growing up than any other place.  We lived there from 7th grade to after freshman year in college.

We passed the former site of a Mr. Donut near the intersection of Palatine and Northwest Highway (it is still a donut place but with a different, non Dunkin Donuts name).

Also, right at the intersection of the two roads was the former site of a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant which was torn down for a Hob Nob Restaurant which was torn down for a Walgreen's (imagine that). We also passed the former Dairy Queen store and Topp's Big Boy.

There is also the great Palatine Park District and right by it, the Palatine High School we attended.  The school has since moved to another part of Palatine.


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