Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Trip Back to Our Past-- Part 5: Sliders and Wauconda

Shopping done, it was time to eat.  Since Photos was closed, we stopped across the street from Half Price Books at the White Castle.  As usual, we both ordered deal #1: 4 Sliders, fries and drink for $5.19.  Hard to beat Sliders when on a trip back to the past.  The taste brings back the memories by itself.

Then, back to US-12, Rand Road, and heading home.  We took Old Rand Road through Wauconda.  The current US-12 is actually a bypass, but the original is still marked through this town and Lake Zurich as Old Rand.  Remember, the 1926 US Highway system was cobbled together using paved main streets in towns as part of the improved road.  Stretches in between were then paved.

Downtown Wauconda now has n Irish Pub at Middleton on Main, in an old 1880s hotel with one of the most interesting bars you'll find anywhere. Wauconda was at one time a summer resort area for Chicagoans who would take the train.  It is on Bangs Lake.

Just north of downtown is the site of two beaches that used to be major spots for teens in high school back in the 60s and early 70s.


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