Sunday, April 12, 2015

About Those Lincoln Highway Tornadoes in Illinois

From the April 10, 2015, Chicago Tribune "Tornadoes slice a path across northern Illinois" by Tony Briscoe and Peter Nickeas.

"50-mile trail of destruction left in wake; at least one dead."

A tornado was also spotted at Ashton.A violent storm system through off one or more tornadoes  Damage was reported on either side of Interstate 39 near Rochelle, Illinois.  The tiny hamlet of Fairdale between Rochelle and Rockford was hit particularly hard and described "as pretty well destroyed."  Reports of several tornadoes were also reported in the Woodstock area

Just before 7 p.m., a tornado collapsed the roof of a Crest Foods warehouse in Franklin Grove (headquarters of the Lincoln Highway).  A short time later, Grubsteakers Restaurant near intersection of Ill-252 (old US-51) and 64 in Rochelle, was hit with about a dozen people inside.  They had to be pulled from the rubble.  the place was described as "pretty much leveled."

Ashton, Franklin Grove and Rochelle are all on the old Lincoln Highway, Il-38 in this area.


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