Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tornadoes Hit Illinois Along the Lincoln Highway in Illinois

This past Thursday, April 9th, was quite a stormy one here in northern Illinois with widespread storms, the most lightning I've ever seen and winds here in McHenry County.  In Johnsburg, Illinois, we had two tornado warnings issued on TV as well as the sirens.  I've never seen the sky so black.

But, we got off easy as a stretch of Illinois located south of Rockford had tornadoes touch down.  I believe I heard that there were several deaths.  The small town of Fairdale near Rochelle was essentially wiped out. damage was done in Rochelle, Franklin Grove and Ashton.  A restaurant north of Rochelle was flattened, but the 12 prople inside survived.

We lost our cable and internet service Until earlier this afternoon as this area is served by our MediaCom.

I've seen pictures of the devastation and it is severe.


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