Friday, July 27, 2012

Top 100 North Carolina Icons-- Part 10

And, the last one.  These are from the July Our State Magazine.

91.  VIRGINIA DARE--  First English child born in what is today the United States.  And, we still don't know for sure what happened to her.

92.  WHITE SQUIRRELS--  The legend has it that sometime around 1949, a carnival truck carrying white squirrels turned over and they escaped.  Since then, the stork has brought many white squirrel babies.

93.  DUKE CHAPEL--  Gothic-style outside.  Three organs with 12,000 pipes inside.  Do they play basketball inside?

94.  LONGLEAF PINE--  Grows naturally in all 100 counties.  Pretty and makes great mulch.

95.  SWEET POTATOES--  The sweet state veggie.  becoming a real big crop.  I personally love those sweet potato fries.

96.  RJR--  One of the largest players in what was once the state's major industry.  Currently transforming self.  Cough-Cough.

97.  CAROLINA PANTHERS--  The state finally gets a pro team.  Now, three pro teams, well, maybe not the Bobcats.

98.  HARDEE'S--  Started in Greenville in 1960.  Nearly 2000 stores worldwide now.  And Dad had a chance to get in on the ground floor.

99.  OUR SOUTHERN ACCENT--  Manny, many different versions all through the state.  One of the most interesting ones once was what you heard on the Outer Banks before it became connected.

100.  OUR STATE MAGAZINE--  One of the best magazines out there in my opinion.  I look forward to reading it whenever I return home to the Old North State.

Well, I Sure Learned Some Stuff.  Every State Should Have a List Like This.  --RoadDog

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