Saturday, July 7, 2012

So Hot You Could Fry An Egg Where?

From the July 6th Chicago Tribune by Rob Manker.

It has been surely HOT here in the Chicagoland area with over 100 the last three days and mid-90s today.  But some relief tomorrow in the 80s.  And, it has been upper 80s, lower 90s the week before.

I wrote more about the term "So Hot You Could Fry Eggs on the Sidewalk" in my Cooter's History Thing Blog from today (also wrote about mermaids).

However, this article had mention of our beloved old Route 66 in connection with that one-horse, many stubborn burro town up in the mountains, Oatman, Arizona.  Every 4th of July since 1991 they have held the Sidewalk Egg Frying Contest, well-worth the price of admission.

Frying eggs there, with their high heat and low humidity give the eggs a chance, but this year's 15 entrants, even being allowed to use strategic aids like foil, mirrors, magnifying glasses (beware any stray ants) but no blowtorches or that ilk, were unable to fry that proverbial egg.

Sometimes You Wins, Sometimes loses.  --RoadDog

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