Wednesday, July 18, 2012

100 North Carolina Icons-- Part 8

71.  GRAVEYARD OF THE ATLANTIC--  The Lanrador Current and Gulf Stream meet just off Cape Hatteras and lots of ships have met their end here, despite the best efforts of Icon #2.

72.  THE KENNEDY ROCKER--  Digging a bit for this one.  JFK's favorite chair came from P&P Chair Company in Asheboro.

73.  RED CLAY--  Not so good for crops, not so good for potting, but helps keep us away from the earth's 10,000 degree core.

74.  TEXAS PETE--  "Pass the Pete."  No wonder so many NC restaurants have it on the table.

75.  THE SOUNDS--  Where fresh water meets the salt.

76.  BROWN MOUNTAIN LIGHTS--  Burke County's unexplained lights still mysterious.  Another Roswell or is it haunted.

77.  DALE EARNHARDT--  Big #3.  A decade after his death, he's still remembered.

78.  VENUS FLYTRAP--  The only place this plant grows in the country is within a 60-mile radius of Wilmington.  If anyone else tries to claim it, we'll bite you.  Should be the state flower--er--plant--er--bug eater.

79.  BOB TIMBERLAKE--  Paints pictures that sell in the millions.  Makes furniture that sells in the billions, but still likes his $6 plate of Lexington barbecue. 

80.  GREAT DISMAL SWAMP--  112,000 acres of forested wetlands.  Wild when George Washington bought it.  Still wild today.

More Than You Ever Thought You'd Know About the Old North State and There's Still 20 More.  --RoadDog

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