Monday, July 30, 2012

Eating At Lou Mitchell's in Chicago-- Part 3

Dave Clark says there are cameras mounted all over the restaurant with feeds back to the office where the woman owner of the places watches everything.  He talked with her and she said that she gets mad when her employees aren't doing anything.  But, I have to wonder when they have time not to do something as they are always really busy.  But, like my old boss at the Palatine Burger King used to say, "If you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean."  Wonder what he meant by that?

I like the Route 66 signs around the place (and there is a Route 66 Hampton Inn Landmark sign in the window (which I would have liked to see mounted higher).  But, at least they had it.

Then, our breakfasts came...and, they were HUGE.  There was something about a Lou Mitchell's egg being considerably bigger than what you usually get at a restaurant.  I tend to believe it.  And, they didn't cut the ingredients either.  That was one thick omelet and just oozing with that feda cheese.  The hash browns more resembled potato chips, they were cut that thin.

And then to that great rye bread, they bake themselves; two real thick slices.  There were two jellies to put on it, one I believe was grape and, of course, that orange marmalade.  I put a little bit of grape on a part of one piece just to try it.  It was OK, but the main attraction was the marmalade and I loaded up.

I tell you, I could easily make a meal out of just coffee, toast and marmalade.  I'll have to look on the menu to see if that is an option.  But, then, those omelets are real good too.

On leaving, Dave said that Lou Mitchell's was originally located across the street, but that building was torn down in the 1950s and they moved to the current site.

Decisions, Decisions!!  --RoadDog

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