Thursday, July 12, 2012

100 North Carolina Icons-- Part 1

From the July 2012 North Carolina Our State Magazine by Michael Graff.

I was born in the state and many of my family still live here.  I'm visiting at the beach right now.  This is a list of things every North Carolinian can be proud of.  I'm mostly just listing them, but will go into detail of a few.

1.  Blue Ridge Parkway
2.  Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
3.  Cheerwine--  Salisbury's finest pop, well around here,soda.  When President Eisenhower imbibed, he exclaimed, "Ike likes."
4.  Mast General Store--  Generally very general.  I'm not real sure about this one.
5.  Cape Fear River--  all 202 miles of it

6.  Appalachian Tral
7.  Grandfather Mountain
8.  Interstate 40--  A superslab? Give me a break.  All 420 miles and 176 exits.  Don't get caught going from the airport to Raleigh during rush hour.  World's largest parking lot.
9.  Loggehead Sea Turtles
10.  Biltmore House

More.  --RoadDog

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