Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Small Town 4th of July

Just came in from watching Spring Grove's fireworks display from the foot of our driveway, and, I'd have to say, another fine effort, lasting 25 minutes with an impressive finale.

We've always been able to see them from our front yard, but this year they were shooting them off from Thelen Park instead of Horse Fair Park like usual.  We weren't sure if we'd be able to see them, but not only did we see them, but we saw them better.  Our neighbors across the street planted trees and those had the audacity to grow tall.

At noon, I went to Horse Fair Park and paid $5 to park my car (going to the fireworks fund).  Walked over to Main Street and found a pl;ace in the shade for the parade, which, as usual featured a lot  of older tractors (as this still is somewhat of an agricultural community.

There was a hitch of Clydesdales and about twenty miniature horse, talk about the big and small of it.  By far the most popular floats had people shooting water at the bystanders as it was extremely hot; we broke 100 degrees today.

Then, I went to the festival grounds and had one of the sweetest ears of corn I've ever had.

Small Town, USA!!  --RoadDog

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