Thursday, July 26, 2012

100 North Carolina Icons-- Part 9

Some I knew were NC, others not.

81.  DOLLEY MADISON--  A modest Quaker girl from Guilford County became first lady and outran the British.  Not sure if she had anything to do with the sweets and thought there was no "e" in her first name.

82.  THE OUTER BANKS--  "OBX"  I get it.  But can't get interest there either.

83.  SWEET TEA--  The only ingredients are lots and lots 'o sugar, water and tea, but yet it tastes different wherever you go.  I like mine unsweetened, then Sweet 'N Low.  Goes great with Icon #67.

84.  THE GREENSBORO FOUR--  Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair, Joseph McNeil and David Richmond changed the world, just by sitting down.  And so many don't know who they are.  Heroes of the first order.

85.  YADKIN VALLEY WINE--  NC is along the same line of latitudes as Italy and Spain.  Hey, I Like Dublin Wine.

86.  DOGWOODS--  The daisy was the state flower from 1917 to 1941, then you-know-what became it.  Nothing can be prettier than to be in Carolina when these are blooming around the same time as #69.

87.  FLAT ROCK PLAYHOUSE--  The State Theater of NC, now playing for 60 years.

88.  OLD SALEM--  A Moravian settlement at the foot of a big hill became the right side of a little hyphen.  Don't forget the "shell" Shell Station there.

89.  LANCE--  Nothin' could be finer than snackin' on 'em.

90.  BISCUITVILLE--  Everyone in the South makes biscuits.  Some make a lot.  I keep meaning to visit one of these places, but 'cue keeps getting in the way.

Ten More To Go.  --RoadDog

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