Thursday, July 12, 2012

100 North Carolina Icons-- Part 2

11.  Fontana Dam--  480 feet high, 2,365 feet long and 376 feet thick.  Damn, that's a big dam.
12.  Thomas Wolfe--  Wrote lots of manuscripts, but most famous for five little words, "You can't go home again."
13.  Wright Brothers--  From Ohio, but did something famous in the state.
14.  Pinehurst No. 2--  Nearly 600 golf courses
15.  Charles Kuralt--  Journalist from Wilmington who would not like I-40

16.  Moravian cookies--  So good people wrap them as Christmas presents.  I must have been a bad boy as I've never gotten any.
17.  Tweetsie Railroad--  Hear the engine climbing through some very rugged terrain go "Tweet, tweet."  The little engine that tweet.
18.  Lin Cove Viaduct--  153 segments, all but one curved.  When completed in1987, it linked Icon #1 and Icon #7.
19.  Belk--  William Henry Belk used $750 in savings to open his first store in Monroe in 1888.  Belk stores.
20.  Daniel Boone--  When he got married and settled down in Rowan County, he said, "All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse and a good wife."  In that order?

More to Come.  --RoadDog

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