Saturday, July 28, 2012

Eating at Lou Mitchell's in Chicago-- Part 2

The place was very crowded, despite it being a little after 9 in the morning.  Dave, who has eaten there often (he lives nearby) says it is always crowded, with a little lull starting around 10 in the morning to 11, when the lunch crush begins.  The place isn't open for dinner.  The owner says she makes enough money the first two meals that she doesn't have to be open longer.

The owners haven't been the Lou Mitchell family for quite some time, but they keep things the same.  They claim to have been open since 1923, but only since the 1950s in this location as its previous site was torn down then.

We were seated at a long table with others dining beside us.  Most breakfasts will run you about $8 to $10 (with most close to $10 and worth every bit of it).  I would have liked to order the coffee, which is fantastic, but decided not to.  I ordered a Greek cheese omelet with rye bread.

Finished off my Milk Duds while waiting (Denny saved his as I mentioned).  Then, the waitress comes over with a little bowl with a big chunk of an orange and, believe it or not, a prune.  I sure can't remember when a prune last came with a breakfast I bought.  Guess they have an interest in regularity.

And, We "Ain't" Even Eaten Yet (Well, Other Than Milk Duds, a Prune and an Orange).  --RoadDog

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