Saturday, July 21, 2012

Arrived Here in White House, Tennessee

Yesterday made the long drive from Goldsboro, NC, to this place, arriving about 7:30 PM, CDST.  I was told that it is about 620 miles of mostly interstate driving on I-40.

Gas prices were as low as $3.20 in Goldsboro and got to as high as $3.36 until Asheville, which is generally the highest along I-40.  It was $3.60 at one station there and $3.30 at another.

I got gas near Burlington, NC,  for $3.36 and Dandridge, Tn, usually a low price on my travels through the area.  And, it was $3.20 at the Pilot station.  In White House it was $3.13 in town and $3.28 closer to I-65.

Stopped at Mebane, NC, at the Smithfield's Chicken and BBQ place for my last taste of that good Carolina 'cue, large plate with double slaw, 'cue and hushpuppies for $8.15.  And, they have good stuff.

Not much traffic, thankfully, around Raleigh and out to the airport.  Hit Knoxville at the after work rush hour.  The city can fool you as I made it past the downtown with not slow-down until I got well to the west of it and then, it was time to stop.

I had dinner at Krystal's west of Knoxville.  I like their burgers which are very similar to my beloved White Castles.  Enjoyed their $2.99 snack pack which was a great deal: 3 Krystals, fries and drink.

Lost an hour due to CSDT and hit Nashville at rush hour so got off at Tn-109 to Gallatin, then Tn-25 to Tn-76 to White House to avoid that really bad Nashville rush hour.  Really pretty driving on the winding last two roads.  Went over to the BP west of I-65 and stocked up on my Chocolate Uglys before driving to Andy and Andrea's place.

Now, for the Toys.  --RoadDog