Thursday, July 26, 2012

Route 66 Friendliness in Chicago Today

It doesn't surprise us 66ers any, but today, I saw a great example of it.  I met buddy Denny outside Lou Mitchell's on Jackson Street (excuse me, Dave, Boulevard).  I had just seen Denny in Cincinnati Tuesday, but here in Chicago getting ready for an extended cruise on Route 66.

I was joking about him not meeting me at the Dunkin' Donuts a few stores east when a lady came walking down the sidewalk with a box of Dunkin' doughnut holes.  We knew what they were because they were dropping out of the bottom of he box they had given her, of course emblazoned with the company's name.

Dave alerted her to her unknown plight and she ran over to tables outside of Lou Mitchell's (Yes, you can now dine al fresco) and started repairing it.  Nice 66er, that Denny. 

Then, a Lou Mitchell's employee comes out of the door and helps her put her doughnut hole box in a plastic bag.

Now, That's Just Plain Nice.  And, They Weren't Even Lou Mitchell's doughnut holes.

By the way, Denny FINALLY got that box of Sugar Daddies he didn't get that one Father's Day.

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