Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ultimate Food Trails: Southwest Indiana

From the July-August Mudwest Living Magazine.

This is big-time farm-to-table country with such delights as pork tenderloin and sugar cream pie. The Trail starts in Bloomington, goes along US-41 and all those farm markets. You also go through Hoosier National Forest and that great town of Nashville.

A primitive map accompanies the article, but gives you a good idea. Recommended time: a weekend, but better stretched out to three days.

Places you'll visit along the way:

FarmBloomington, Prairie Acres Market, US-41 farm stands, Home of the Bug Peach, Apple Hill Orchard, Dot's Custom Cakes and Catering, Schnitzelbank restaurant, Tell City pretzels, Capers Restaurant.

More places: Blue Heron Vineyards Bed and Breakfast at Rocky Point, Bryant's Blueberries, Capriole Farmstand Goat Cheeses, Huber's Orchard Wineryand Vineyards, Joe Huber Family Farm and Restaurant, Schimpff's Confectionery, Kensington Tea Room and Butler's Pantry Coffee Shop and Restaurant Tallent.

Getting Hungry Typing This Up. --RoadDog

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