Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good Time on the Chain...Well Almost on the Chain-- Part 1

Sunday, July 9th-- Listened to two country countdowns out in the gazebo then drove to All Sports Bar in McCullom Lake (by McHenry, Illinois) and enjoyed their $5 pitchers of beer and one of the best pizzas (12 inch, one topping) that I've ever had, also $5.

Then, joined friends at Peterson Park for Fiesta Days and saw two really good tribute bands: Creedence Again (CCR) and Marakesh Express (CSNY).

MONDAY JULY 10th-- Had planned on boating over to McDonald's for breakfast, but glad I didn't as we had quite the nasty storm come through at 7:45 am. We lost electricity for a couple hours, but some of the people in the area still don't have power and not expected to get it until Friday or Saturday. Trees down everywhere.

Checked out the boat in Fox Lake and it was ok, but the whole town was without electricity. Ended up driving to McHenry and had the great $1.75 cheeseburgers and Miller Lite bottles at Gambler (special for July).

Went to the Green Street Cruise-In for classic cars (best for me, the 1967 Camaro) and saw the Rockin' Fenderskirts playing 50s-60s music out on the flat bed. Later saw Shakespeare in the Park at Veterans Park. Shakespeare is infinitely better understood when you get to see it in live action.

More to Come. --RoadDog

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