Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 235th Birthday, USA!!!

All my flags are flying. In a little bit, I'm thinking of going over to Horse Fair Park here in Spring Grove, Illinois, to attend the festival and watch the parade, although last year I swore up and down that I'd never do it again after all the hassle they put us through to do so.

Most places with parades close off street it will be going down as well as a few close by. My dear little village essentially closes off the whole place from US-12 north to Il-173 near the Wisconsin border, about four miles.

And, they have police to make sure you don't drive the roads anyway.

Well, it is my hometown of the last 19 years now.

We'll probably go back this afternoon to see the band and then will watch the fireworks from our front yard. We can still see them fairly well despite the fact that the subdivision's trees have gotten considerably taller in these last 19 years.

Happy 4th. --RoadDog

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