Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Chain of Lakes By Boat, Finally

One of the biggest inland boating areas in the United States is located just a mile from our house here in Spring Grove, Illinois, the Chain of Lakes, consisting of nine lakes and a long stretch of the Fox River.

We've been boating on it every year since 1985, when we bought our first boat. That's 26 years and three boats counting out newest, a 2003 Bayliner.

So far this year, we've been out for about thirty minutes one time because of steering problems, but I now know that those problems have been supposedly repaired and we intend to pick the boat up and launch it at the Legion later this afternoon.

Here's hoping that it will run and that we'll be able to get the '11 boating season underway at long last.

A-Boating We Will Go. Hi-Ho the Dairy-O, A-Boating We Will Go. --RoadDog

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