Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good Times on the Chain...Well, Almost on the Chain-- Part 2

No boating yet since Friday, maybe tomorrow.

One thing about this gas gouge (prices around here from $3.80 to $3.90, at least a buck and a half TOO HIGH!! I have been making it my objective to return the favor to Big Oil and the others responsible for this travesty. That means sticking close to home as much as possible.

And, there is plenty to see and do right here in northeast Illinois.

We're in the middle of Fiesta Days in McHenry and tomorrow, Antioch's Taste of Summer begins. Both towns are about ten miles from Spring Grove. Between the town celebrations and the parties out on the Chain, we have plenty to do.

And close to home which means less gas which means up yours Big Oil!!

Plus, when boating, we usually stay close to the home channel where we dock the boat. A typical cruise involves a lot of floating. We turn off the engine in the middle of the lake, crank up the radio, and read. Not much gas in that.

My Own little Futile Protest Against the New Axis of Evil. --RoadDog

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