Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Old Cars and Retro Diner-- The Lodge's BBQ Wings-- Aunt Janet Band

Continuing with June 30th. now in Antioch, Illinois, right on the Wisconsin border.


At the liquor store I noticed an old car show going on at the retro diner across Il-83. I don't pass up old cars when I have the opportunity so drove over and took a look. I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but will have to eat there in the future as I had my taste buds set for some of those great bbq wings at the Lodge.


Thursdays are 25 cent wing days at the Lodge of Antioch (also known as Sequoit Lodge (named after a local Indian tribe). They are not big, about the size of those at Buffalo Wild Wings, but that barbecue sauce is one of the best I've ever had. Ordered ten. Good eating for $2.50.

The place was packed as usual. A lot of the people were going to walk out behind the Lodge to see the band.


Thursdays are the appropriately named Antioch music festival called "It's Thursday." Someone certainly put a lot of think time into that. The bands play at the music shell behind the east side of Main Street (Il-83). I try to get to it every time I can.

Today's band was called Aunt Janet and I was unfamiliar with them. They have a female lead singer and play classic rock and modern pop. Very good band.

Not a Bad Day At All. --RoadDog

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