Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just in Time for Your Fourth of July Driving Joy

The good folks at Big Oil (BO) and their close allies, Big Speculators (BS) have given us a little present here just in time for our holiday in the form of a ten-twenty cent price spike at the pump!!

Nice gougin' guys!!

Friday morning, I heard that gas prices in Ohio had jumped because of some problem at a refinery in the state and that "gas prices might spike a bit here in Chicagoland."

Well. it did. Here in Spring Grove, it jumped twenty cents at the Hugo Chavez station. In Fox Lake, it was up ten cents and twenty cents at Rock Corner (Il-173 and Wilmot) by the Wisconsin border. And that was all by noon. Sure didn't take them long to raise prices, did it?

How convenient that this just "happened." Especially since they weren't able to pass along their "Summer Driving" gouge this year. Guess we call it the "Summer Oops!"

Still looking forward to seeing the profits BO will be posting for second quarter. Whatever it is, it is actually probably to double or triple because of creative accounting.

Thanks a Lot BO and BS (Hey,These Letter Combinations Also Stand for Something Else.) --RoadDog

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