Friday, July 15, 2011

Now, What's with This Gasoline Spike?

Gas here in northeast Illinois just spiked again yesterday. After dropping down to $3.80 at most stations (even got down to $3.78 at the BP station in Fox Lake on US-12), yesterday, I noticed stations at $3.85 and $3.90.

Last night at 10:15, the Philips 66 in Fox Lake was $4!! I quickly pulled over to the BP which still had it at $3.80 and filled up, figuring they'd be at $4 today.

Is it because of the weather damage we had Monday? Or, most likely, Big Oil came up with another one of their "reasons."


Something needs to be done with these GRBs of the New Axis of Evil. They are sure keeping the price high and they don't need to be doing that. Surely they have made enough profit recently and should give us poor folk (even poorer because of them) a break.

Still Keeping Close to Home, Though. I Could Afford Their Exorbitant Prices, But Don't Want Those GRBs Any Richer. --RoadDog

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