Monday, July 11, 2011

It's a Summer Thing: Cruisin' and Music-- Part 5

From Bob Stroud's June 26th Rock and Roll Roots "Summer Show."

All comments mine.

HOT SUMMER DAYS-- IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY-- I remember having to buy the album for Liz's roommate, Debbie, when I somehow lost the album civer, even when she still had the album. I sure wasn't happy laying out the $5 for an album she already had.
MR. BLUE SKIES-- ELO-- Great harmony and pretty close to an orchestra sound.

IN THE SUMMERTIME-- MUNGO JERRY-- If I had to vote for one song to represent summer, this'd be the one.
SUMMER SUN-- JAMESTOWN MASSACRE-- A great little-known nugget from a little-known Chicago group.

MISERLOU-- DICK DALE-- Can you say "Surf Music?"
SUMMERTIME BLUES-- BLUE CHEER-- Wow, what a hard rock acid, psychedelic trip this one was.

SUMMERTIME-- BILLY STEWART-- Let's hear that stutter singinging, Billy.
SUMMER-- WAR-- Like that low-riding groove.

HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME-- SLY & THE FAMILY STONE-- Second-best summer song if it shows up.

I Need to Get That Old '85 F-Bird fired Up and Out Driving. --RoadDog

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