Monday, February 29, 2016

Our State's Barbecue Issue, It's a Big Deal: Festivals, Wine and Fiberglass Pigs

From the Our State February 2016 magazine.  This magazine is about North Carolina.

Article on how Lexington, N.C., embrace's its role as Barbecue Capital of the World.  Lexington is south of Winston-Salem.

They had their first barbecue festival in 1984 and every October since then.

Wine even pairs well with barbecue and Childress Vineyards comes out with a "swine wine" every year.

Since 2003, Uptown, Lexington, Inc., has commissioned local artists to create and paint dozens of fiberglass pigs which are placed around town.

The Lexington area has more than a dozen barbecue restaurants.

Lexington barbecue restaurant was established in 1962 by Wayne Monk and known locally as "Honeymonk."

'Cue It In.  --RoadDog

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