Friday, February 5, 2016

"Groundhog Day" Movie Walking Tour-- Part 2

GAS STATION--  Gas Depot Station, 131 Washington Street.  Where Bill was hit on the head by the snow shovel.

BOWLING ALLEY--  Wayne's Lanes, 109 Church Street,  This is also where the car left before the ride on the railroad tracks.

THE DANCE AND AUCTION--  Woodstock Moose Lodge, 406 Clay Street

OLD MAN'S ALLEY--  Benton Street at East Judd Street.  Where the old man died.

NED'S CORNER--  Caldwell, Berner & Caldwell, 100 Cass Street.  Where Ned would accost Bill every day.

THE CAR CRASH--  Northwest Corner of Calhoun & Jefferson streets.  There is a building there now.  "Is it too soon for flapjacks?"

PIANO TEACHER'S HOUSE--  Private residence, 348 S. Madison.  The boy's tree is also nearby.

CHERRY STREET INN--  Royal Victorian Manor B&B, 344 Fremont Street.  Where Bill Murray stayed.  He looked out a window from the house's turret.  Interior scenes shot on a stage.

Worth a walk, but definitely see the movie first.


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