Thursday, February 11, 2016

More of Illinois' Most Boring Towns-- Part 2: Spring Grove Party Life

6.  Lake Bluff

7.  Homer Glen

8.  Long Grove

9.  Campton Hills

10.  Glencoe

Now, I realize that Spring Grove does have much of a bar scene.  Most bars don't last too long as they are poorly run.  Plus, our police have a reputation of overzealous efforts on DUIs.  Right now, we have just a few places like K.C.'s Cabin which is a great place, but a bit on the extreme northern border.  Plus Tommy's which was a good place, but not any more.

Antonio's Mexican Sports Bar has closed due to poor ownership decisions.

But, The Grove, formerly Never Sink Inn,  downtown (if you can call what we have as a downtown) is doing well and a few years ago opened an outdoor biergarten.

We also have a new place opening where several places have been  on US-12, most recently the extremely overpriced 21st Amendment.

Oh Well, At least We Have Out Taxes.  --RoadDog

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