Monday, February 22, 2016

Didn't Get Enough Mardi Gras Food? Try a Po'Boy

From the Feb. 17, 2016, Chicago Tribune ""Big & Little's fried crab po'boy" by Marissa Conrad.

"Po'boys are one of the four major food groups of Mardi Gras (see also: muffalettas, hurricanes and beignets), but there's no reason to stop eating them once the holiday is over."

In case you're wondering, "A po'boy is a baguette stuffed with either meat (often roast beef) or fried seafood, with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayo (for meat) or melted butter (for seafood)."

The reporter went to Big & Little's in Lakeview, Chicago, which she likened to a surfside seafood and burger shack. Its fried fish sandwiches are so popular it now has three locations.

She recommends their softshell crab po'boy for $8.  It comes open so that you can see a full fried crab with claws upright.

A picture of it accompanied the article and I got hungry just looking at it.

Locations of Big & Little's:  1034 Belmont Ave., 860 N. Orleans St, and 1310 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Perhaps It Will Be Necessary for Me to Visit and Eat.  --RoadDog

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