Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Road That Created Florida, Carl Fisher's Dixie Highway-- Part 1

From the Jan. 13, 2016, Palm Beach (Fla) Post "We take a look back at the road that created Florida" by Barbara Marshall.

A photo accompanies the article taken in 1922 in Boca Raton showing a camel arch built over the Dixie Highway to attract Shriners on their way to their national convention in Miami.

Beginning in 1915, the Dixie Highway delivered the tourists that spawned motels, juice stands and wacky roadside attractions that so dotted the Florida landscape.

It wasn't actually much of a road.  It was a rutted, grueling journey along its mostly dirt path.

In Palm Beach it followed the dry ridge.  Today it is still called the Dixie Highway in downtown West Palm Beach to north.  Evergreen and Poinsettia avenues follow it southward.


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