Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Perfect Pit Stop, Allen & Sons in Chapel Hill, N.C.-- Part 2: Making and Eating the 'Cue

Woodpile:  Owner Keith Allen uses hickory to cook.

Meats:  Whole pork shoulders, chicken halves and ribs.

The chop:  Two machete-like blades are used break down the pork shoulders into piles of chopped barbecue.

Seasoning:  Fatty Eastern-Carolina-style, red pepper-spiced vinegar sauce.

Counter:  Step up to the window to order or pay your bill.  Mason jars of house sauce are located there.

Ambience:  Tackle shop meets BBQ joint.

The crowd:  Staff keeps platters and never-ending pitchers of perfectly sweetened tea moving to diners full of mixture of country and city folks, white collar and blue collar, Duke and Carolina fans.

The Sandwich:  The smoky 'cue is zippy and rich and you can get the tart, minced slaw on top.

Finish.  Ate Too Much Again  --RoadDog

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