Tuesday, March 1, 2016

More Carolina Barbecue

**  A great picture of a BBQ sandwich from Hursey's Bar-B-Q, which family uses a 71-year-old secret recipe for their sauce.  They have locations in Burlington and Graham, both within a mile of I-40.  I ate at the one in Graham.

**  Picture of a spoonful of banana pudding from Wilber's in Goldsboro, N.C..  Save some room.  Man does not live by 'cue alone.

**  Article "A day at B's barbecue" in Greenville, N.C..   "At a Greenville landmark with no phone, no frills, and no equal, we spent 17 hours learning what makes the pork and place so special>'  By Jreremy Markovich.

Hungry?  --RoadDog

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