Thursday, February 4, 2016

"Groundhog Day" Movie Walking Tour, Woodstock, Illinois-- Part 1

From the pamphlet put out by

A nice map of the famous Woodstock Square area showing sites where scenes from the famous movie were shot.  I would definitely recommend seeing the movie again, especially if you haven't seen it in a long time before you take the tour.

1.  PENNSYLVANIAN HOTEL--Woodstock Opera House, 121 Van Buren Street.  Also where Bill Murray plunged to his death.

2.  GOBBLER'S KNOB--  Southwest corner of Woodstock Square

3.  BAND STAND DANCE--  Center of Woodstock Square

4..  BAR SCENES--  Old Courthouse.  In today's Public House Restaurant.  Where you can order your sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist.

5.  BILL MURRAY'S PUDDLE--  108 Cass Street, curbside.  Unfortunately, the village has now turned it into a flower bed.

6.  TIP TOP CAFE--  Taqueria La Placita Mexican restaurant.  You can eat in the nook where Bill pigged out.

7.  ALPINE THEATER-- Woodstock Theater, 209 Main Street.  Where Bill did his best Clint Eastwood imitation.  Unfortunately, they removed the outside ticket window.

These Are All in the Woodstock Square or By It.--RoadDog

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