Monday, November 30, 2015

The Road Trip That Made the Modern American Highway Possible-- Part 1: The Lincoln Highway

From the Nov. 25, 2015, State by Brock Winstead.

On May 15, 1915, a small convoy of automobiles touched their rear tires into the Atlantic Ocean at Coney Island, they then drove all the way to San Francisco.

Travel by the nation's roughly two million cars cross-country back then was along the Lincoln Highway and this was definitely not a highway as we envision them today.  It was made up of red, white and blue signs with a large "L."

In places it was little more than a dirt wagon track.  There were some bridges, but other times it meant fording streams and creeks.

The length of their trip cross country was 3,384 miles according to the 1915 official Lincoln Highway guide.


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