Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DeKalb for NIU Homecoming 2015-- Part 6: Sliders, But No Parade

Picked up Liz at the Baymont Hotel.  As crummy as yesterday was, today was the opposite.  Sunny with warming temperatures, a perfect day for a parade and Sycamore's (the city directly north of DeKalb and county seat) has one of the largest ones in the state, the annual Pumpkin Festival parade, capping the week-long party.

We had hoped to see it from Fat Boys on Main Street, but found out last night that it was closed.

Drove around campus and showed Liz where her old dorm, Douglas Hall, used to be and were surprised to see the Village Commons Bookstore open so went in and looked around at souvenirs but didn't buy anything.

Stopped at White Castle on Sycamore Road for our breakfast of sliders, as usual.  Can't watch a parade on an empty stomach you know.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, you really need to get into Sycamore a couple hours earlier than we did if you want to find a place to park.  We got there about thirty minutes before the parade started and it was wait in huge backups of vehicles the whole way.

When we somehow got east of town we decided just to leave and go to Woodstock, Illinois, and look around the famous Woodstock square.  Drove Il-64 east to Il.-47 and then north.  Unfortunately that meant driving through the Huntley Backup.  There are a lot off stoplights and we sure caught most of them red, including the Main Street Strangler.


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