Tuesday, November 3, 2015

66 Things to See on Illinois' Route 66-- Part 12: Henry's Rabbits

Continued from October 20, 2015.

58.  HENRY'S RABBIT RANCH,  Staunton.  Rich Henry's place.  First time we went there, we got lost and stopped for information.  We were told we couldn't miss it, "just look for the camels."  Of course, I was a bit confused about this as I couldn't think of any reason we'd find camels in Central Illinois.  When we got there, we saw the two camels on two of the old Campbell's Express trucks.

59.  BLUE CARPET CORRIDOR, from Chatham (south of Springfield) to Collinsville.  This stretch is getting in on Route 66 heritage and tourism with their version of the Red Carpet Corridor from Joliet south to Towanda.

60.  WATT BROTHERS PHARMACY,  Springfield.

61.  BEER NUGGETS,  Bloomington.  Got to love those Beer Nuggets.  Good with, well, beer.

62.  BUNYON'S HOT DOG MAN, Atlanta. One of those "Muffler Men" holding a giant hot dog.  Atlanta has done a whole lot with its Route 66 Heritage.


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