Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Northwestern-Iowa Game-- Part 2: Long Time Between Championships

October 17, 2015.

We had our first frost of the season this morning and it was more than a bit chilly on the way to Arlington Hts., but the sun came out and we ended up with a perfect day for football.

I was wearing the only Northwestern sweatshirt I have, which is one from the 1995 Rose Bowl that they played in  Of course, that game is always played on New Year's Day so it was the 1995 Northwestern football team and they were celebrating the 20th anniversary of it.  So, i was right with it.  Looking across the field from our seats, i saw that Northwestern had won Big Ten (11, 12,13,14) Championships in '03, '26, '30, 31, and '36, and then not until that glorious '95.  Then again in '96 and 2000.  So, there was a rather long run of non championships from 1936 to 1995.

I pull for Northwestern against any and all teams except Northern Illinois.  We were at the game last year in Ryan Field (the old Dyche Stadium) when NIU finally beat Northwestern for the first time ever and that was sure a good game.  NIU actually broke Northwestern's long losing streak back some time ago.


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