Thursday, November 5, 2015

News From Along Route 66-- October 2015: New Mexico's Singing Route 66 Road

OCTOBER 4--  Carol Krohn, wife of Windy City Road warrior David Clark, died at age 56.  David is noted for his walking tour of Chicago's Route 66 and architecture.  He is also author of the book "Exploring Route 66 in Chicagoland.  I have been on several walking tours with him.  He and his wife met due to Route 66.

OCTOBER 4--  Former president of Frankoma Pottery in Oklahoma Joniese Frank died at age 77.  She was the daughter of the founder and president and CEO for nearly 26 years.  We were lucky enough to get to visit the place while it was still open.

OCTOBER 5--  Flash flood washes out part of Route 66 near Ludlow, California.  Always strange driving this desert stretch.

OCTOBER 6--  New Mexico has announced that they will not be maintaining Route 66's Singing Road.  I haven't been on it, but would like to.  Hopefully it will still be there in 2017 when we next get out that way.  Liz and I are hoping to cruise Route 66 when we are 66.


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