Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Northwestern-Iowa Football Game-- Part 5: Homecoming

This was Northwestern's Homecoming game.  The Class of 38 was honored and two of its members in attendance were 100.  I imagine the combined alumni classes turned over a check for $63 million.  It must be nice to have so many rich alumni.  NIU could only dream about this kind of a gift.  (Last year the classes gave $100 million!)

Lots of purple (Northwestern's color) in the stadium but I would say just about as much black and yellow (Iowa's colors).

There was a race on the field between three Buffalo Wild Wing sauces: sweet, blazing and medium, which everyone enjoyed.  Medium won.

With all those Iowa teams around us, it would have been nice had the Northwestern players had a better game, but that didn't much happen.  At one point the Wildcats had 11 straight  incompletions.

In the first half, Iowa score the first three times with a field goal and two touchdowns (the PAT for one was wide) and led 16-0 and we had some very loud Iowa Hawkeye fans around us.In the second, Northwestern woke up and score a TD and field goal and were down 16-10 at half.  Then, we got to yell a bit and were looking forward to the second half and a Wildcat victory, perhaps.


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