Friday, November 20, 2015

Northwestern-Iowa Football Game-- Part 7: A Blowout

Still halftime and the band did a medley of Wizard of Oz tunes.  Then they had a representative of the Wounded Warriors come out and speak.  Everyone in the stands was on their feet, cheering and clapping for him and his wife.

The 2005 Northwestern National Champion LaCrosse team was honored.

We were quite interested in watching that floating camera moving around the field.  It was supported by hydraulic lifts at the corners of the field.  Lind of like one of those steel jaw drop games you see.

I always enjoy looking at the huge Wildcats name by the Northwestern locker room.  The letters are spelled out with a green hedge, but are surrounded by white, red and purple mums.

There was a big group of Iowa fans sitting in front of us and they had a ball in the second half.  It was a massacre.  Northwestern never scored again and the Hawkeyes ran the score up to 40-10 and walked away with their sixth consecutive victory.  Northwestern had its first loss.  One Wildcat fan sitting by us said he hoped they weren't going to have a repeat of two years ago when they started off 5-0 and ended up 5-7.

The stands started emptying of Northwestern fans part way through the fourth.  The Iowa fans were having a great time.  Whenever they scored, they all stood and all these little black and gold flutterers would be thrown up into the air.  That was quite impressive.

Congratulations Iowa.  --RoadDog

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