Tuesday, November 24, 2015

N.C. T-Giving 2015-- Part 1: Tunes

Getting ready to leave for North Carolina in a few minutes.  Besides tuning into local stations on my way(98.9 WJEZ in Pontiac, Illinois, 107.3 Charleston, West Virginia Tailgate Radio, and 98.1 FM in Galax, Va. Classic Country) I also have several CDs.

This trip's batch:

UK Jive--  Kinks

Buck Owens Greatest Hots

Life on a Rock--  Kenny Chesney

ACM Awards Zineoak  2 discs: Super Stars and Rising Stars

Sounds of the Seventies--  3 discs, 55 songs, many I don't know.  All from 1977.

Cruisin' and Groovin'.  --RoadDog

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