Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Northwestern-Iowa Game, Oct. 17, 2015-- Part 1: Iowa Fans All Over the Place

Drove to Bob's house in Arlington, Heights, Illinois, and Marilyn treated me to a great breakfast, then Bob drove to Evanston.  We normally park a few blocks west of Green Bay Road and walk over to Ryan Field for the game. This time we had to park about five blocks farther away, so there had to be quite a crowd for the game, perhaps a sellout.

I always enjoy walking by these old houses with their fantastic landscaping, especially when the trees are beginning to turn.  We started seeing lots and lots of black and gold colors everywhere and it soon became clear that the Iowa fans were here in force.

It was a big game as both Northwestern and Iowa were undefeated.  And, they were everywhere and more than a little boisterous.  We encountered much longer lines to get in the stadium as well, but fortunately they moved along quickly.

Before the game, a fan who had had season tickets for Northwestern football games for 78 years was honored.  Now there is a fan, one who had to go through all these many really bad years of Wildcat football.


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