Saturday, November 7, 2015

DeKalb for NIU Homecoming 2015-- Part 7: Woodstock, Illinois


Sadly, no Sycamore Pumpkin Festival parade for us.  We'll have to get there earlier next year.

But, now we had the opportunity to visit that wonderful old Woodstock Square dating from the 1850s. And, after how crummy yesterday's weather was, we had a beautiful day to for it and no Bear game as it is a bye week.

Woodstock square is one of my favorite places anywhere.  Liz's mother lived on it for awhile in an assisted living unit and I often told her she needed to stick around until I needed it.  You can get along there even without a car.  There are numerous restaurants, a movie theater, an opera house for concerts and plays, an old courthouse and lots of bars by it.  Not to mention the original brick streets and that wonderful old square featuring a spring house, gazebo and Union Civil War monument.

There is always something going on in that square, not to mention how pretty it is, especially when the trees are blooming or changing colors.

I like to just go sit on a bench and just people watch.


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