Friday, August 31, 2012

Five Notable Things About Vintage Amusement Parks-- Part 2

4. 'THE SIMPSON'" SPRINGFIELD has a Santa's Village too.  It has appeared in four episodes, according to WikiSimpsons, including one in which Homer decides Bart must kill a reindeer to prove his manhood.  Maybe this is where the Simpson's dog, Santa's Little Helper, came from?

5.  WORKERS AT THE OLD SANTA'S VILLAGE in East Dundee used to have contests to see who could cause the most "protein spills."  That would be vomiting incidents, during a day according to former worker Christopher Dearman, author of "Santa's Village Gone Wild."

My buddy Rusty and I didn't have a protein spill on that cursed Bobs Rollercoaster at Riverview, but we sure did a lot of screaming and we had been trying to impress two cute girls sitting in the car in front of us.  We walked off with heads hung low and considerably after they had exited.

This Isn't So Bad...No Wait!!  AAAAUUUUggghhhhh!!  --RoadDog

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