Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Songs for Summer Driving-- Part 1

Back on June 24th, Bob Stroud did a show on Summer Songs on Rock and Roll Roots.  Makes you want to pop a cassette onto the old car radio and go cruising if you can afford the gas.  Two of our gas stations in Fox Lake actually dropped gas a PENNY yesterday, down to $4.07.  It sure didn't take them that long to go up.

IN THE SUMMERTIME--  MUNGO JERRY--  From the Summer of '70.  (And my all-time favorite summer song.  Come on, let's make that psssshhhh sound.)
SURFIN' USA--  BEACH BOYS--  The band that keeps summer alive 365 days a year for the last fifty years.  From 1963.  (Love their new album God Made the Radio.)

SUMMERTIME BLUES--  WHO--  From their 1970 live album, Live at Leeds.  (Doing a real rave-up.)
MISERLOU--  DICK DALE AND THE DELLTONES--  a classic surf instrumental

WAKE UP SUNSHINE--  CHICAGO--  You can't underestimate the power of sunshine to fuel the season.  From album number two.
WALKING ON SUNSHINE--  KATRINA & THE WAVES--  (How can you not feel good while this song is playing?)

SUMMER--  WAR--  the long version 

STREET FIGHTING MAN--  ROLLING STONES--  1968.  (In certain neighborhoods in our cities, this happens during the summer.)
SCHOOL'S OUT--  ALICE COOPER--  The Coop with the beginning of summer.  (And, again, thanks to the strange-looking fellah with the even stranger name for naming our boat.)

Let's see, if I take out a second mortgage on the house, perhaps I can afford to fill the tank and take off on a cruise.

Summer and Driving.  Just Sort Of Goes Together.  --RoadDog

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