Friday, August 31, 2012

OK, While On the Subject of "The Simpsons"

I have to admit that for many years I wouldn't watch the Simpsons at all.  Primarily because of Bart being a school boy and my being a teacher. And, of course, all my boys knew every little aggravating thing Bart would say.

But, I have to also admit that I have become a big fan these last eight years.  This is one TV show that continues to get better each year, something very hard to do after it has been around for as many years as it has.

Anyway, I went to that WikiSimpsons site I'd never heard of before (I recommend it) and looked up what they had to say about Santa's Village.  It is a Christmas-themed amusement park in Springfield, open year-round, but closed Christmas.  Its main attraction is its live reindeer.

The ESTONIAN DWARF works as an elf at it.  In other Simpsons episodes, he works various jobs, usually as an actor or stuntman.  He comes from Estonia.  On one episode, he played the Krusty Burglar at the grand opening of a Krusty's Burger restaurant.

The four episodes featuring Santa's Village:

Burns' Hair
Homer's Phobia
How I Spent My Strummer Vacation
Bonfire of the Manatees

DOH!!  --RoadHomer

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