Thursday, August 16, 2012

Small World: She Knows J.J. and He Did Too

Tuesday, while we were bumming around Springfield, Illinois, we stopped at a favorite watering hole right up the street from the state capitol called Norb Andy's with intentions of splitting a ponyshoe and perhaps slaking a thirst as it was a bit warm outside.

We got to talking with the bartender and mentioned that we were thinking of going to Capitol City later to play NTN.  She said her dad plays NTN there pretty much every day after work at the Lincoln Museum and Library.

Both Liz and I automatically thought of buddy J.J. and asked her if he might be the same.  He was.  Small world.

Then, we went to George Rank's (both Norb Andy's and this place had been closed for quite awhile over the last several years so we were glad they were open again).  Got to talking with customers and mentioned J.J.'s daughter.  One said his wife also plays NTN at Capitol City and they know J.J. very well also.

Making Friends and Playing NTN.  --RoadDog

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