Monday, August 20, 2012

You Don't Have to Go to the Coast of NC for Beach Music

From the Mayberry Confidential, Official News of the Surry Arts Council.

As a big fan of Beach Music, I've always believed you had to get pretty close to the coast of the eastern United States (Southern part) to get this type of music (not to be confused with Beach Boys and Jan and Dean Beach Music).

But, it "ain't necessarily so" as you can get plenty of it in the western part of North Carolina at Mt. Airy, which inspired TV's Andy Griffith, who was born and grew up there to base his Mayberry after it.  Along with plenty of Mayberry stuff, evidently there is plenty of Beach Music.

All of these shows were at the Blackmon Amphitheatre and cost $10.  These are the Beach bands I am familiar with.

APRIL 26--  Band of Oz
APRIL 27--  Embers
MAY 3--  Craig Woolard Band
MAY 4--  Jim Quick and Coastline
MAY 5--  Billy Scott & the Party Prophets
MAY 11--  Fantastic Shakers
MAY 24--   The Tams
MAY 25--  Mark Roberts Band
JUNE 1--  Legends of the Beach
JUNE 15--  Craig Woolard Band
JUNE 22--  Holiday Band
JUNE 28--  Jim Quick and Coastline
JUNE 29--  Embers
JULY 6--  Sea Cruz

Now, This Is Some Really Good Beach Music!!  --RoadDog

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