Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nothing Like a Good Day of Boating-- Part 2

I should mention that the Chain Crawl consists of almost 40 places accessible by boat on the Chain of Lakes here in Illinois and it also the Fox River.  The objective is to get a passport stamp from each one to be eligible for prizes at the season end party in the fall. 

All places today were on the river.  Previously, we had been to six places on the river below the McHenry Locks as well as the Snuggery, just north of the locks.

I should mention that the Epic Deli that I wrote about yesterday also has a challenge, something about a Viking sandwich.  They have a Wall of Fame/Shame and so far, everyone who has attempted is listed on the Shame side.

Next stop was Vickie's, right downtown in McHenry.  If there is a place in Florida that looks more Floridish, I'd like to know.  But, with their prices, they don't get a lot of people.  It cost $3.25 for a pint and then they added tax!!  So, it came to $3.50.  Definitely the last time we'll be there.  We like our cheap beer.

After one drink, Frank and I crossed the bridge to a great old record/cd store.

More to Come.  --RoadDog

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