Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Sad Shape of CDs...Wait, Even Better

Yesterday, I wrote about finding that cornucopia of CDs at the Springfield, Illinois, Best Buy and how happy I was.  I just have to feel that they are always taking what I like away from me in the name of technology.

Of course, I was the one who held on to my vinyl until I could no longer get it.  I'm still recording on cassette tapes.

I'm just not one to jump on the latest craze like so many do, plus, I hate learning new stuff when I'm happy with my old stuff.

Anyway, back to that Best Buy.  Not only did they have all those CDs, but I even came across a small section labeled, can you believe it?  BEACH MUSIC!!  Now, that really made my day.  There were just about ten CDs, but even so, it was BEACH MUSIC, right  here in Central Illinois, pretty far from the Carolinas.

Even in the Carolinas, few such stores have Beach Music.  I hadn't bought any Beach Music since the Record Rack closed in Goldsboro, NC, several years ago.

Wow!!  I ended up buying two more CDs.

So Obviously, If You're a CD Guy (or Gal), Best Buy in Springfield Is a Must-Stop for You.  --RoadDog

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